Weight Watchers Scales: Types and Usage..

By Elisa Young on September 22, 2012

The Weight Watchers Scales are devices that measure your body weight including your body water percentage, body fat percentage, body mass index and bone mass value; and it s great way of monitoring your progress as you lose weight.

These scales are manufactured by Conair and are of different types/designs; you can find a list of them from the Weight Watchers website. Here are some of the scales available:

Weight Watchers® Glass Memory Precision Scale – This scale features a large 1.5 inch digital display with a blue backlight for easier viewing. Weight is displayed in 0.1lb/50g increments and can track up to 4 users. It also records your starting weight and your first weight goal (10%) automatically however; you can also change it.

Weight Watchers® Portable Precision Scale – This type of scale has a 5 weight memory for one user. It is oversized and is easy to read as the digital display is about 1.3 inch. It can also weigh up to 330lb. or 150 kg weight capacity. This has a large non-slip platform which is 12×12 inch wide. It is designed with a wide handle for easy grip and a long life lithium battery is also included. This scale along with the other types of weight watchers scales is recommended for its accuracy.

Weight Watchers® Digital Fat & Body Water Scale – This scale measures your weight, body fat and body hydration. It has a huge memory where it can store 4 different users. The scale comes with a 1.3 inch easy to read digital display and a silver paint finish non-slip 11×11 inch platform. There are two modes for this scale, one is weight-only which only measures body weight for all users and the second is body analysis mode which will give precise readings for most people, however; this is not calibrated for body analysis measurements of persons under 18 years old and pregnant women.

Weight Watchers® Body Analysis & Tracking Scale – This type of scale measures your weight, body fat, body water, bone mass and body mass index or BMI. The scale also helps you interpret the results whether it is high, low, or on target. This will also track weight changes for 10 different users. The scale has a 1.5 inch extra large display and a total capacity weight of 350 lb. or 159 kg capacity. It has a spacious platform measuring 15.25in x 12.25in wide.

Grab one of these Weight Watchers Scales from the Weight Watchers website so you can monitor your progress anytime, anywhere.

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