How much does Weight Watchers cost: Expensive or Cheap?

By Elisa Young on September 14, 2012

How much does weight watchers cost for Online Members or for Meetings members? Is it cheap or expensive? Is it worth it?

Weight Watchers has two kinds of programs; one program is Weight Watchers Online which members only use the online interactive tools and the second program is Weight Watchers Meeting which members attend weekly meetings in their local areas. You can also get the Weight Watchers eTools which is the weight-loss partner of Meetings members ONLY. The prices for these programs are entirely different and they vary from locations.

How much does Weight Watchers cost for Online Members? Weight Watchers Online’s monthly payment is $18.95 with an additional cost of a one-time sign-up fee of $29.95 for the first month. Succeeding monthly fee is $18.95 and is billed automatically. Alternatively, you can sign up for the 3-month Savings Plan for only $56.85 which covers 3 months of your subscription and your sign-up fee. This offer is available until the 20th October, 2012. As soon as the special price ends, the 3-month subscription plus sign up fee for new members will go back to the regular price of $65.00.

How much does Weight Watchers cost for Meetings Members? For Weight Watchers Meetings Members, there are three options available:

  • Monthly Pass – this pass costs $42.95 per month and you can attend unlimited meetings each month
  • 17-week pass – this pass costs $209.00 for 17 consecutive weeks of meetings
  • Pay As You Go – you pay $14.00 weekly every time you attend a meeting

With the Monthly Pass, you are only paying $9.92 per week on average. Registration and eTools are free as well. Prices may vary in different locations so please check the Weight Watchers website. The subscription automatically renews at $42.95 each month.

The 17-week pass comes with FREE registration as well and you are only paying $12.29 per week on average.

Pay As You Go members pay the regular weekly fee of $14.00 to join the meetings and FREE registration is available for specific areas only at a limited time. Please see the for the details.

For Meetings members, you can get the Weight Watchers eTools for $34.95 for the first three months and $14.95 for the succeeding months.

If you are unsure about which program you would like, you can always try the FREE trial available on the weight watchers website so you get to experience each program before making your decision.

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