Atkins Carb Counter Helps You Monitor Your Carb Intake

By Elisa Young on September 22, 2012

The Atkins Carb Counter chart is one of the easiest and most detailed carb counters on the web today.

The chart is grouped into food groups like beverages, sauces, nuts, pasta, baking products, desserts, cheese, condiments, jams, cereals, vegetables, poultry, beef, fish, fast food and the acceptable food list. The chart is then divided into Carb, Fiber, Net Carbs, Protein, Fat and Calories measured in grams.

The amount of food is also measured using abbreviations and symbols like the below:

c = cup
dia = diameter
fl oz = fluid ounce
g = gram
lb = pound
lg = large
med = medium
n/a = not applicable
oz = ounce
pkt = packet
sm = small
sq = square
tsp = teaspoon
tbs = tablespoon
w/  = with
w/ o = without
” = inch
< = less than

With the Atkins diet, you only count the number of Net Carbs which is the only carbs counted in the diet. The Net Carbs do not include fiber (or alcohol, sugar, and glycerin), which have a small impact on blood-sugar levels. The Atkins Carb Counter chart included fat, protein and calories for dieters reference only.

Under the Atkins products category, you will have a lot to choose from like peanut butter granola bar, dark choco almond delight bar, vanilla fruit and nut bar and strawberry banana shake which has net carbs from 2 to 7 only.

You can also find the net carb value of your favourite Starbucks coffee using the chart. A 12oz Cappucino with whole milk is about 11 net carbs and a 12oz of Latte with low fat milk is 17 net carbs.

The Atkins Carb Counter chart also has the net carb values for mcdonald, burger king, wendy’s, dominos, pizza hut, and kfc meals/foods. A mcdonald’s cheeseburger has 31 net carbs, a burger king whopper is 48 net carbs, a slice of a 12-inch ultimate deep dish pizza from domino’s is 26 net carbs,  pieces of mild buffalo wings is 17 net carbs and one chicken breast original recipe KFC sandwich is 15 net carbs.

The chart also includes acceptable and unacceptable food lists for dieters who are under these programs: Phase 1 (Induction), Phase 2 (Ongoing Weight Loss) and Phase 3 (Pre-maintenance).

As the Atkins Carb Counter chart advised, the inclusion of the food in the list does not mean that it is recommended by the Atkins diet; it is added so you can compare which food are high in net carbs to those that are more appropriate for you.

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